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Anteo Diagnostics (ASX: ADO) is a global medical technology company, developing and commercialising products for sale into the lifesciences, in-vitro diagnostics, point of care, medical devices markets.

The Anteo group owns a patented nanoglue technology, which is used by healthcare customers as an addition to their existing tests, to consistently enable laboratory test results that can either be delivered:

  • faster,
  • cheaper,
  • or with greater specificity or sensitivity than incumbent tests.

This nanoglue technology, called Mix&Go for healthcare markets, is starting to gain traction with the Company’s target markets, due to its ability to revolutionise the way scientists work.

While Anteo is largely focused on the healthcare markets, the nanoglue technology also has potential for use in other areas, such as batteries. Early stage research is being conducted into the viability of this battery product.[/ultimate_info_banner][ultimate_spacer height=”70″ height_on_tabs=”50″ height_on_mob=”55″][ultimate_info_banner icon_type=”custom” img_width=”48″ banner_title=”DIAsource” info_alignment=”text-left” image_height_typography=”” title_typograpy=”” desc_typograpy=””]Home-Page-Teaser-BannerIn January 2016, Anteo completed the acquisition of Belgian diagnostics company, DIAsource, a company with distribution reach into 75 countries across the world. This transformational acquisition will deliver a range of significant benefits to both companies and Anteo shareholders, including:

  • Strong revenue, revenue growth and EBITDA margin – with strong fundamentals, including a 20% EBITDA margin over the last four quarters, the DIAsource deal transitions Anteo towards a cash flow positive organisation with significant upside earnings potential.
  • An experienced and globally-networked team – the DIAsource team brings extensive industrial diagnostic experience that dovetails with Anteo’s capabilities and “know-how”, as well as an established business network of research and commercial partners worldwide.
  • A broad suite of existing products – DIAsource manufactures and distributes a complete catalogue of ELISA and RIA products for clinical diagnostics via established distribution channels worldwide; an offering which includes antibodies and laboratory automation instrumentation. DIAsource’s products are well suited to mid-tier and specialist laboratories.
  • A strategic location – Belgium is centrally located in Europe; situated between Germany, France, the UK and the Netherlands. DIAsource’s head office and operations are based in the middle of one of the most prosperous and densely populated region in Europe, with good access to core European markets and Anteo’s customers.
  • Additional differentiators – DIAsource’s existing platform provides significant opportunities for Anteo’s Mix&Go technology; delivering tailored customer offerings and accelerating sales of the Mix&Go technology and product range.

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