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Anteo Technologies is the operating subsidiary that develops, manufactures and sells Anteo’s products and custom variations of our patented nanoglue reagent library. Our team based in Brisbane, Australia supports our global partnerships and customers, as well as working with our sibling company DIAsource ImmunoAssays on new products.

Anteo Technologies recently entered into a three distinct commercial agreements with innovative Australia-based point-of-care IVD companies.

For more information visit: anteotech.com


DIAsource ImmunoAssays is a well-established Belgium-based business with growing revenue, healthy EBITDA and positive cash flow. The company offers mature capabilities and serves as a platform to commercialise, manufacture and apply the Anteo Group technology in an large-scale, commercial environment. DIAsource’s products are sold in more than 75 countries through a network of 80 distributors. In addition, DIAsource directly sells both its own products as well as products from other selected manufacturers to IVD laboratories in some European countries.

Amongst a large catalogue of endocrine and infectious disease IVDs, DIAsource develops, produces and commercializes a range of Vitamin D assays for clinical and research use. Recently DIAsource introduced a unique ‘Free 25OH’ Vitamin D assay in clinical laboratories. The DIAsource assay is the only ‘free 25OH’ Vitamin D assay on the market and, given the recognition of its value by many research groups, is expected to become a routinely used assay in clinical laboratories over the coming years.

For more information visit: diasource-diagnostics.com