Outside of the medical technology and life sciences space, an opportunity exists that has the potential to deliver innovations to the $30 billion lithium ion batteries market, a market which is expected to be worth $50 billion per annum by 2018.

Early, promising data below (figure 1) compares existing battery material on the market today to battery material with our nanoglue technology added:



Figure 1: Anteo battery material vs conventional graphite Li-ion battery material.

What does this mean? Anteo nanoglue can:

  • Increase the capacity of batteries
  • Gives lighter and smaller batteries
  • Improve the efficiency of charge/discharge
  • Give batteries increased runtime per charge
  • Batteries will charge faster
  • Shorter waiting time to charge
  • More cycles per battery
  • Increased battery life

The company has established a special purpose entity with a focused budget, Anteo Energy Pty, to explore this opportunity in energy. For that reason, Anteo raised AUD 1 million with long term shareholders who wished to invest in the company’s continuing development of its nanoglue in the battery sector.