Medical Device Market: Projects and Partners

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Late in 2014 Anteo teamed up with Cook Medical Australia, a subsidiary of the world’s largest private medical device manufacturer, to conduct a feasibility study, applying Mix&Go technology in the development of medical devices for use inside people’s bodies (in vivo).

Since commencement of this project our technologies and capabilities to address new applications for our nanoglue have impressed our Cook colleagues. This project has the capability to deliver a new medical technology and provide Anteo with expansion into the in vivo medical devices sector a tangible market equally as significant as immunoassays. A number of additional projects are now in progress with Cook as a result of our initial positive interactions. The current projects are all in the feasibility stage of demonstrating that Mix&Go can provide targeted advantages to existing products. We expect that subsequent to successful completion of these projects, Anteo will be involved in supporting the further development and verification activities required.

In early April, we announced the launch of a research partnership with the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) at The University of Queensland. The study is focused on the creation of dual labelled imaging agents using Mix&Go.

The partnership is important for two reasons: firstly, it is expected to deliver in vivo toxicity data as a first step towards utilising Mix&Go for high-value in vivo applications. Secondly, it further develops Anteo’s ongoing relationship with the AIBN, an important step in providing grass-roots researchers with access to our nanoglue technology for novel in vivo applications that Anteo would otherwise not be commercially ready to explore.

The implantable medical device market is estimated at $52 billion. We expect to file patents in this market in the near future.